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Hex, Decimal, and Binary Converter June 29, 2007

This web calculator converts numbers between the hexadecimal (hex), decimal, and binary formats. The calculator was designed to allow easy conversion between any of these three formats. This task is very common for those working with digital hardware and software including microcontrollers, DSP’s, FPGA, etc.


User Inputs and Results:


Option Scale Factors:


Scaled Result = Decimal_Value*A/B + C

Scaled Result:

As an example, the Scale factors can be used for an 8-bit A/D converter. With a 2V full scale, A=2, B=255, and C=0. The scale factors may be changed as desired.


1. Rick - July 3, 2007

It would be even more versatile if you include a decimal equivalent, 0.0 to 100.00 corresponding to 0 to 255.

2. Brad - July 3, 2007

It seems like the mapping to the decimal equivalent would be different in every application. I suppose I could have an optional input box for the full-scale decimal value. (e.g. 100.0 in your case). It might be handy for A/D converters. Okay - I’ll try it shortly.


3. Adam - December 19, 2007

Any chance you could add a reverse-BCD to this? so you can put in a BCD value and it’ll spit out a binary value?

4. Brad - December 19, 2007

Hi Adam,

You can do it one digit at a time by entering the decimal digit and getting the binary value. Is that what you meant?