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PCB Trace Thermal Resistance May 17, 2006

I had a request to calculate the thermal resistance of a PCB trace, so I updated the trace resistance calculator to add this feature.


1. k. k. byahut - September 22, 2006

we are using a pcb for uvt. width of copper track is 1.18 mm and thickness of same is 0.045 mm. ambient temp. is 35-40 c. problem is that some times it is getting peeled off, while peak current in this ckt is 400mAmp for 1-2 sec. can u suggest me?

2. Brad - September 22, 2006

k. k.

Chances are the current is higher than you think or the trace might be thinner copper. Can you measure the current or voltage drop before the failure? Maybe you can do a test on the trace by injecting current to see how much it takes to cause the failure you are seeing. Then you can also find out for sure how much the trace can safely handle.