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Creating a UserForm from an Excel Spreadsheet April 1, 2006

This is a work in progress, but it allows you to create a UserForm based on the cells in an Excel spreadsheet. The data can then be edited in the UserForm and copied back to the spreadsheet. The VBA code could use a few more features, but I thought I would post this as-is in case anybody wanted to pick it up from here. Please let me know if you improve on this.

File: userform-from-spreadsheet-2.xls

Creating a UserForm from an Excel Spreadsheet_image001.png


1. Fulton Shannon - May 9, 2007

This is cool. I am testing this on a number of spreadsheets I have. It works great. All I have to do is change the NCol and NRow limits to the number of rows and columns I have in the spreadsheet.

One thing: vertical scrolling is missing.
Another thing: dumping or outputing to a different spreadsheet.
Yet another thing: loading external data from either another excel spreadsheet or MS Access database or work or text file.


2. Brad - May 9, 2007


I updated the Excel file and added some comments explaining how to do most of those things you requested. Please see the comments in the UserForm_Initialize() and CommandButton4_Click() subroutines.