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Find PCB Trace Width Based on Power April 20, 2006

I had a request for a calculator to find the width of a PCB trace based on its voltage drop or power dissipation. This time I am trying something new. I made the calculator as an Excel Spreadsheet and posted it on Zoho Sheet. Let me know how the Zoho Sheet works for you.

Note that there are two tabs - one for voltage drop and one for power dissipation. The sheet is embedded below or can be opened in its own window by clicking the following link:


Making AutoComplete Work with Cut and Paste April 12, 2006

In Internet Explorer, the AutoComplete feature for forms can be handy, but I have noticed that it doesn’t work if you cut and paste text into the form. On the other hand, if you manually type text into the form, it is remembered. I found that you can force AutoComplete to work with cut and paste by deleting the last character and retyping it. This is a great time saver – especially for things like tracking numbers.


Also note that you can delete a single item from the AutoComplete drop down by selecting it and pressing delete.

Creating a UserForm from an Excel Spreadsheet April 1, 2006

This is a work in progress, but it allows you to create a UserForm based on the cells in an Excel spreadsheet. The data can then be edited in the UserForm and copied back to the spreadsheet. The VBA code could use a few more features, but I thought I would post this as-is in case anybody wanted to pick it up from here. Please let me know if you improve on this.

File: userform-from-spreadsheet-2.xls

Creating a UserForm from an Excel Spreadsheet_image001.png